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Allied recognizes that being an industry leader requires the best collection software and technology. Ontario Systems' Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS), along with Voice Trak and GC Monitoring provide some of the fastest, most reliable services any collections agency can offer.

Flexible Automated Collection System (FACS)

Our FACS system can be customized to meet the individual needs of each client. FACS allows the integration of information from a number of data sources, updating debtor records instantly. Every update is stamped with time, date, and user ID information for additional follow-up when necessary. Within seconds, this system can determine the status of every account on file. FACS systems' modular architecture allows the addition of integrated modules that can be tailored to the needs of our agency at any stage.

Voice Trak

Voice Trak in action

We acknowledge that your reputation is on the line. That's why we use Voice Trak to record our collection calls. The Voice Trak system eliminates guesswork and concern on your end, while providing us with an invaluable way to monitor the quality of our service. Should an interaction ever need to be retrieved for training or compliance reasons, any recording can be located from an audio file for word-for-word review. Voice Trak is one of the ways we're able to guarantee professionalism and image protection with every contact.

Guaranteed Contacts Monitor (GCM)

GC Monitor in action

GC Monitoring enables the monitoring of any collection call in "real time." It's online system provides a direct connection to our database, minimizing lengthy uploads and downloads and maximizing collection call time. Using GCM, Allied is able to increase its contact rate, speeding up the collections process and subsequently, increasing the number of recoveries on your accounts.

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  • American Collectors Association (ACA)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
  • West Coast Chamber of Commerce
  • The Institute of Financial Operations
  • Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)
  • Michigan Association of Collection Agencies (MACA)
  • Michigan Patient Accounting Association (MPAA)

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