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As a premium provider, Allied is focused on bringing you the highest net recovery combined with professional service. Our staff is firm, but fair while working with your guarantors. We provide solutions to help them resolve their balances and maintain your image as an organization dedicated to the community.

Our staff has the experience to successfully resolve accounts in the shortest time possible. If a patient is not able to immediately pay their balance in full, our trained professionals will establish a payment plan that works for the patient and your office. We offer the options of paying via check, phone, credit card, Western Union, standard postal delivery, an online portal, and a 24 hour Payment Hotline.

Most agencies focus on accounts for a short-term basis. We understand that we are in both a sprint and a marathon. We will continue to work your accounts long after our competition has given up. A patient that doesn’t have the ability to pay today may be in a stronger financial situation later.


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