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Presenting VOYSA - the new sound of patient payments.

Founded on more than 50 years of debt collections experience, Voysa is a state-of-the-art solution that engages patients and provides mechanisms for them to pay their outstanding balances.

Developed for one of the nation's foremost healthcare providers, Voysa complements your current receivables process system and consistently yields positive results:

  • Recover patient-pay balances before they become costly collections accounts
  • Improve retention by creating a positive patient experience
  • Cut costs by reducing more expensive debt management efforts
  • Increase call center efficiency
  • Augment internal recovery efforts
  • Exceptional customer service

Voysa is a next generation solution that proactively and respectfully engages customers early in the payment process. This approach consistently increases recovery earlier and provides positive patient experiences. The result is a low cost-to-collect ratio, increased profits and stronger relationships.

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We invite you to see why PFS managers and healthcare executives entrust Voysa with their patient-pay recoveries. To learn more, please contact us for a personal demonstration.

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