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Extended Business Office

Our EBO services target increasing cash flow and resolves accounts receivable before it is written off to bad debt. From insurance balances to self-pay, we offer a wide range of services designed to be a true extension of your office, including:

Self-pay Services

Collecting Self-pay and Self-pay after insurance balances. Services can be tailored for specific aging and balance ranges

Insurance Services

Recovering insurance balances from any payor, assisting with resolving denied claims and providing Legacy A/R work down services when converting to a new system platform. Services can be tailored for specific aging and balance ranges

As a premium provider, Allied is focused on bringing you the highest net recovery combined with professional service. Our staff is firm, but fair while working with your guarantors. We provide solutions to help them resolve their balances and maintain your image as an organization dedicated to the community.

Our staff has the experience to successfully resolve accounts in the shortest time possible. If a patient is not able to immediately pay their balance in full, our trained professionals will establish a payment plan that works for the patient and your office. We offer the options of paying via check, phone, credit card, Western Union, standard postal delivery, an online portal, and a 24 hour Payment Hotline.

Most agencies focus on accounts for a short-term basis. We understand that we are in both a sprint and a marathon. We will continue to work your accounts long after our competition has given up. A patient that doesn’t have the ability to pay today may be in a stronger financial situation later.

Full Collections
Legal Services

Allied Attorney Vendor Partners possess full litigation capabilities and work closely with Allied to evaluate the potential recovery of any account. Review for suit starts with the guarantor’s ability to pay when voluntary payments have not been forthcoming. Once repayment ability is confirmed, suit authorization will be requested once all other avenues of recovery have been eliminated. The Attorney Vendor Partners advise of the follow suit steps:

  • Venue determination and skip tracing to determine location
  • Summons and Complaint prepared
  • Service of process
  • Answered complaint reviewed for resolution prior to court appearance
  • Unanswered complaints result in default judgment
  • Enforcement of judgment if no voluntary arrangements made through garnishment, judicial lien and other potential assets

Internal Statement Analysis

  • Content Evaluation
  • Timing and Frequency
  • Balance Criteria
  • Escalation of Resources

Internal Collections Process Review

  • Invoice/Statement Review
  • Registration Process Evaluation
  • Internal Collection Methodology
  • Resource Allocation of Internal Staff
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Days @ list
  • Average balance
  • Quality of demographic information
Additional Services

Conversion Assistance

Our Conversion Assistance Program allows a healthcare organization’s staff to focus on moving into their new system environment while we provide a steady flow from the existing legacy accounts receivable.

Claims Denial Analytics

Claim Denials data analytics services and process solutions provides a cloud-based solution for managing your denied claim process.

Payment Monitoring

Payment monitoring and follow up program alerts patients when a payment is due and simplifies the payment process.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation program works with the patient’s employer and workers’ compensation carrier to ensure that workers’ compensation claims are collected accurately and timely.